Want your very own transformation?


North Yorkshire


We tackled our most blank canvas yet with this job in Sutton-in-Craven, North Yorkshire.

A large amount of earth was removed to make way for two new areas, adding extra space to the garden and giving the customer a place to entertain and cook.

On one side of the garden sits a kitchen area with traditional stone-built barbecue, large worktop space, handmade authentic stone sink, and a breakfast bar with seating for four people.

On the other side sits a custom-built fire pit surrounded by seating for up to twelve people, ideal for late-night parties or get togethers.

Stone steppingstones were sunk into the lawn area to give access to the new space from the existing patio area, with two planting strips creating an entrance and adding greenery to contrast the stone.


“It’s wonderful to see our outdoor space completely transformed. Every bit of sun we get, we’re outside with friends or family.”

Simone Dean
Sutton-in-Craven, North Yorkshire